Sunday, April 27, 2014

Immediately I met Tuface, I knew he was my man--DammyKrane

 Hypertek Entertainment artiste,Oyindamola Johnson popularly known as DammyKrane talks about his career,phobia and how he met his boss, Tuface

Why did you choose to sing Fuji music?

My mother manages and organizes events for Fuji artistes and that influenced my going into that genre of music. I remember that aside from playing games and joining my friends in playing soccer, I used to follow her to some Fuji shows and that inspired me to become a Fuji artiste.

It was reported that you reunited with your mother after 10 years. How come you were separated for such a long time?

My mother’s event company management had to move to America and she had to relocate also. I did not have an opportunity to get a visa until last year when I went for the Nigerian Entertainment Award. I flew to New York to meet my mother. I was so happy to see her after a very long while.

After re-uniting with your mother, it was reported that she bought you a car, but we learnt you have a phobia for driving…
I have a driver that takes me to wherever I want to go. I developed a phobia for driving after I lost an aunt in a car accident when I was young. I really liked that aunt. Then, I was staying with my mother. I did not move to my grandmother’s house until I was ten years old. Although I did not witness the accident, I heard about it and I was in shock. I am very emotional. I cannot stand the sight of blood.

How about your father?He is fine. My father is a businessman and he travels all the time. There was a song I sang where I mentioned his name. I hardly talk about him because people mostly want to know about my mother.

How were you able to manage without your mother for so long while growing up?I grew up with my grandmother and learnt a lot from her. Growing up with her disciplined me; she gave me a thorough training. From her, I learnt the principles of success, humility, hardwork and patience.

Now that you are a celebrity, do you still have time to visit your grandmother?

Yes, I see her very often, I don’t joke with her; she is my wife. My grandmother is my wife.
How come you don’t have tattoos as most entertainers your age embrace them? When people ask me why I do not have a tattoo, I tell them that you cannot scratch a Bentley. I believe my body is the temple of God, a holy place and I have to treat it with respect. I have to keep it clean. I am also a brand and I don’t think it would speak well of my brand if I have inscriptions on my body. I believe I have to keep my brand clean and that is why I would never get a tattoo or pierce my skin.

You are signed under Tuface’s Hypertek records, how did you two meet?
I met him during one of his birthday celebrations about three years ago. He invited some people like MI, Tiwa, and a Lebanese friend of mine, Iyad. I went with Iyad. Tuface and my friend, Iyad, were at the pool side talking when Iyad called my name. Tuface said that he had been hearing my name and would like to meet me. He saw me and told me that I should tell my management team to set up a meeting with him and the rest is history.

How did you feel when you learnt that Tuface knew you?
Honestly, I felt very humbled. There is something about me and Tuface; I believe we have this spiritual connection. Immediately I met him, I knew he was my man. He said something to me that still humbles me till date. He said that the reason he signed me was because he saw himself in me.

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