Thursday, June 6, 2013


In case you didn't know that one of the Nollywood actor, Prince Jide Kosoko's daughter, Bidemi Kosoko is presently a youth corp member at Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria, let us quickly tell you that she is.

However, many of her fellow corp members are currently complaining about her snobbish attitude and what some of them have termed has arrogance.

According to impeccable sources, whenever some of the other corp members who have seen her movies approach her just to say 'Hi', Bidemi has away of looking down on them.

"I don't know if Bidemi' doesn't understand that as a celebrity you should be polite to people, since she began her service close to a year now, many people at the Community Development Service(CDS) have been avoiding her due to her arrogant attitude.

The one everyone witnessed recently was this woman who is a Batch A corp member. She doesn't know her attitude, so she went to her and she was like 'Sister,please it's like I have seen your face before,'but to this woman's disappointment, Bidemi just looked at the woman from head to toe and walked away," the source said.

We were also told that because of her celebrity status, Bidemi also expects to get preferential treatments at her Community Development Service(CDS). According to what another source told us, Bidemi who was posted to Ibadan North Local Government recently came late for her clearance but was trying to jump queue, but not giving a dime about her status or her father's, her Local Government Inspector(LGI) Mrs. Ologundudu, a no-nonsense woman told her point blank to go and join the queue. This really caused her so many shame and embarrassment.


  1. Haters gone hate

  2. What kind of post is this? The very bad command of the English Language is more of a shame than Bidemi's story! Please go back to school NOW or forever hold your peace.

  3. Grammatical flaw irritates me.

  4. I can remember vividly during my service year @ Ibadan,Mrs Ologundudu was a no non-sense woman,she doesn't take shit regardless of ur status..all fingers are equal to her..It was a great time serving @ Accountant Generals' Office under Ibadan North LG...keep it up my dear,the sky is the limit..don't look @ the sound of the is well.

  5. So na the news be dis? With your big caption person go think say enter gutter self, who never jump line before? You be celebrity when you do am, na to kill, peoole image na him una sabi? See your proffession, am a blogger you no even need certificate, to become proffessional amibo,,,, go check oyibo bloggers where them dey teach people sense,,, orofofo like you!

  6. U just av to take it easy on d one who posted this.