Friday, February 21, 2014

I can speak like a Jamaican, American, British-Ice Prince

Choc City Rapper,Ice Prince has been criticized over the years for speaking in different accents,He has been called fake and abusively accused of 'forming posh'. The rapper has however explained that he is not fake because he grew up among the whites in Jos and he learnt from them, he also gave an insight on what gives him inspiration in the studio.

Ice Prince said “Before he sings in the studio, he always plays gospel music.He said his favourite is a song which goes "Jehovah you are the most high.He said he is not religious but he is very close to God.”

Talking about his accent: “I grew up in Jos around lots of white people,that's why I have so many accents.I can speak like a Jamaican, American and British''.

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