Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Yvonne Nelson Really Proposed To Iyanya [DETAILS]

This much revelations  was revealed by an insider who is very close to the duo. The source who does not want his name in print, divulged that Yvonne was so much in love with the ‘Your Waist’ cronner.
The source said: “Yvonne wanted to take her relationship with Iyanya to the next level but they weren’t on the same page. Yvonne wanted to have him as a hubby but he wasn’t keen on the idea because he felt it was too early to talk about those things. She told him she loved him and would love him forever,” the source stated.

 "She was very hurt when Iyanya told her he was not ready to settle down since he has a long way to go.“When a lady tells you she loves you, and wants to be serious with you, start a real life with you, and maybe, have you as husband and you turn her down, that’s all bad. It is like game over,” the source concluded.

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