Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Don Jazzy: Wande Coal Stole My Song, Wande Coal: I Served You Loyally For Ten Years , Shizzi Speaks The Controversial Song

Wande Coal released a new single ‘Baby face’ under his Black Diamond Entertainment on Tuesday, November 6, 2013 and shortly after Don Jazzy took to Twitter to make a quick rant not divulging details.

See Don Jazzy's tweet:

 How long will i continue 2 sweat and some people will choose to steal from me.

I am nice and easy going doesn’t mean u should disrespect me‘, Don Jazzy tweeted with the subject of the matter left in the dark.

It didn’t take long before he tweeted his own version of ‘Baby face’ explaining that he had recorded a studio demo about a year ago, going ahead to tweet a link to his own version describing Wande Coal’s action as INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY THEFT’.

Don Jazzy added ’I honestly expected y’all to come at me with me being childish. But enough is enough. even if i send my legal team on him una go complain 2.‘.

‘I can decide to shut him down with one call. but didnt. all i ask for is ‘give me my credit’ and nothing else‘. Sources have told us that Wande Coal’s parting with Don Jazzy and his Mavin Records record label was filled with bitterness, betrayal and disloyalty.

Wande Coal swiftly reacted to Don jazzy's earlier tweets calling him a thief on his twitter account.

 Check his tweet:
 While top music producer, Sheyi 'Shizzi' Akerele, who produced Wande Coal's version of the controversial song 'Baby Face', which Don Jazzy says was stolen from him, has released a statement explaining his involvement in the whole issue.
"I have heard and seen some folks rants about me stealing production credit for Wande Coal's new single "Baby Face" and I would like to clarify this issue. I was only doing my job by making the beat for Wande and that's what I did.
I don't see any reason why people should jump into quick conclusions without taking their time to really dig into the matter for facts.Two years back, I remember I created a demo for Wande Coal's "Shawty Go Low" and someone else took the credits.
I was in shock because I had plans to finish the song with Wande and was hoping it would be released as a single which I produced"
, he concluded.

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