Monday, October 28, 2013

"Don't Kill My Vibe, Am Still A Young Girl" - Beverly Osu Finally Admits Having Sex In The BBA House

It was a huge surprise when Beverly Osu denied ever having intercourse with South Africa’s rep, Angelo, even though almost everyone had clearly watched the video that went viral.

But she seems to be changing the tune of the song.  Read Below what she said:

Life Outside BBA
My life outside BBA has been wonderful. It’s nothing I cannot handle.

Well, I’m usually a very busy person, but it’s just that right now, I’ve been a very unstable person. Sometimes, I can’t even stay here in Lagos for a week without traveling here and there. I think that’s a good thing because good things are coming out of it. And apparently, there’s always the negative side and that is mostly things that are not true that you hear about yourself; how people see you and so on. Some people don’t really bother about perception, but if you’re somebody like me, you will think about it and sometimes it will affect your work. But I thank God that my life has been good.

Sex Scene at The BBA House
Apparently, I don’t feel sorry because I was being myself. So, I can’t say sorry to anyone who feels disappointed. They’re living their lives and I’m living mine. The only difference is that I was in a house where I had to make the platform work for me; the platform everybody enjoyed seeing me make. If you guys stuck to your television for 91 days only to see my faults, then you should check yourself because people have their faults and it’s only people with faults that quickly notice that in other persons. I don’t criticize people and I don’t think people should criticize me… no matter how you look at it, I’m still a youth.

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