Friday, September 6, 2013

The Fear Of Losing Lover Seals Off Rita Dominic's Mouth

Mulato actress, Rita Dominic, who has confessed that she has had four serious relationships that were disrupted by the press, has kept mum over who she is seeing now.

She said this to the curvy on-air presenter, Toolz that she doesn’t talk about her personal life because some years ago, she was in this relationship that became public, and the press killed it.

The relationship, according to her, didn’t work out because of the press that put a lot of pressure on it.

The producer and beautiful actress also talked about her second relationship that lasted for four years, they almost got married, then they broke up. She got into another relationship, it lasted a year then they broke up again.

The fourth one, she decided to keep mum, though she said the lucky dude is not a celebrity and that he was one of the guys she had dated in the past but she said 'maybe he's based abroad'. Hmmmm.....we shall soon here season 2 of this story

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