Thursday, April 24, 2014

CCTV To Be Installed In Lagos Motor-parks

Lagos motor parks to have Circuit Camera Televisions (CCTV)to ensure security.
The information about this plan was confirmed by the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), Lagos State chapter, on Thursday.

This decision was taken after the bomb explosion at Nyanya Motor Park in Abuja on 14 April, which claimed several lives and property.

Also,according to the NURTW, Lagos chapter, the motor-parks will be fenced with wiring and provided with electricity to strengthen security,metal detectors will be installed and chief security officers will be appointed in each of the unit across the state to prevent potential attacks. The chosen security officers will have to undergo special security training at a government appointed center.

Moreover, the state’s Security Committee along with the NURTW would be inspecting parks for assessment. The state’s Chairman of the union, Tajudeen Agbede, also warned that the directive is obligatory as the government had promised to take over any park that failed to follow the directive.

“As we pray for protection against bad incidents everyday, we must take action on our part to guard against them,” he stated.

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