Friday, February 21, 2014

''No I am not a vampire''- Pharell

American producer,singer-songwriter,rapper,fashion designer and drummer, Pharell Williams, bettter known as Pharrell, somehow has been in the business for roughly 20 years without appearing to have aged a single bit. The 40years old producer and performer's looks so young that some people have even started to question whether there's a supernatural power involved.

The speculation has become so prominent that the Grammy winner recently decided to put the gossip to rest. "No I am not (a vampire)," Pharrell told Time Out London this week. "I'm willing to go on record as saying that I don't drink people's blood."Then, Pharrell graciously shared his personal fountain of youth to the masses: "How do I stay so young-looking for a 40-year-old?" I wash my face."

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