Thursday, February 27, 2014

Guess The Popular Singer Getting Married This Year?

Nigerian singer, Faze has revealed that he is living the Bachelorhood and getting married this year.

According to the Former Plantashun Boyz member "I'm definitely getting married in 2014. It's a must! It's necessary. All my friends are married with kids and I am ready to do that now and God willing it is with the girl I am with now. "

Faze who has been in a longtime relationship with a Benin-based model and law student named Sandra refused to disclose the exact time in 2014 he'll be getting married but promised to let his fans know when the time is right.

Faze who took a break from the music scene after a failed album, Originality has however been having a tough time achieving that career boost even after the release of his fourth and most recent album, ‘Refazed.

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