Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Groom Abandons Bride In Church

This isn't exactly our typical kinda news, its more of a gossip, an interesting one though.

Drama unfolds at a Redeemed christian church of God on Saturday, 22nd February when a groom called off his wedding after the result of the pregnancy test carried out by the church came out positive.

After keeping guests waiting for over two hours the groom came out and announced to the guests that he can not continue with the wedding because his wife-to-be is a cheat. The groom who said he had never slept with the 'pregnant girl' thus he couldn't go on with the wedding as plan.
The desperate bride,Cynthia who insisted she was not pregnant did another pregnancy test in a different hospital which came out negative and when the church did a second test with their own doctor, the test came out positive again.

 Despite the wedding being called off, guests still sat down to eat and drink, infact some even packed souvenirs.

The funniest part of this gossip is that the groom families packed the wedding cake, wine and other drinks as well as souvenirs despite the fact that it was not the guy that bought any of those thing as the wedding was sponsor by the bride family.

During this packing and eating fiasco,the poor bride still in her wedding gown kept crying and insisting she wasn't pregnant.

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