Monday, January 13, 2014

Nollywood Movie Posters Encourage Nudity? (+18)

Quite often we pass by movie posters, mostly in the streets, picturing half-naked actresses, which seems to be not a good idea to be embodied in public places.

These movie posters are there to give a hint on what the film is all about and lure people to grab a copy of it.

For so many people, who tend to be lovers of Nollywood films, they can testify to this. Seventy to eighty percent of Nollywood movie producers prefer to use half-naked pictures of actresses to advertise their movies on posters, which of course, for those who like such views, buy them and find a different content entirely in the film from what was projected on the posters.

Some have advised that movie posters advertised in public, which have X-rated poster contents, shouldn't be viewed as porn and even though it is porn, but should be kept away from the eyes of children.

This is because many parents take their children out or send them on errands and the kids get glued to these posters and starts looking at an adult posing half-naked just to sell a film.

These set of actresses used for such 'adverts' are in the up and coming category. They want to do anything to get fame and money. What then are the moral lessons to be expected from these movies? And if it is a porn, it should be known and not put for public consumption.

The rate at which Nollywood movies are going erotic is alarming. They are beginning to take nudity as a normal thing.

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