Thursday, January 2, 2014

Halima Abubakar, Fans Exchange Hot Words Over Braless Picture

Some hours ago, controversial actress, Halima Abubakar's braless picture hit the blogosphere, which generated some lashing out at the Ebira-born movie star.

Those who condemned the make-believe figure pointed out that she shouldn't be promoting 'nudity' at this stage when the society is getting rotten by the day. They argued that she's expected to be a good role model and an ambassador that she is.

But reacting to the harsh criticisms poured on her on social media, Halima justified her action and stated that she cannot kill herself by wearing bra all the time. She disclosed that she was only at home relaxing wearing the dress, which showed her n1p*les.

"Can't a gal relax with[out] killing herself with a bra and rest? SMH (shaking my head). Allow me [the] freedom to breathe. V of you are always braless (sentence ambiguous). [I] was at home chilling. Kapish (full stop)," a furious Halima wrote.

Reacting further to criticisms concerning the photograph, Halima lambasted one of her fans by suggesting to the male fan to go and masturbate if he finds offence in her expressing nud1ty.

"Go masturbate jare was" was the response Halima gave to a twitter follower who wrote "may GOD guide you to right path, please stop expressing your nudity. Please please Halima".

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