Monday, December 23, 2013

EXPOSED: How I Got An Infection From A Top Nigerian Musician After Having Sex With Him

A young Nigerian woman would like to share are unsavory sexual experience with a man who, according to her, is one of the most famous entertainer in the Nigerian music industry.

He is one of the reigning musicians who is also a music producer. To protect the alleged "celebrity", his name has not been revealed in this post. Young ladies looking to have a bit of fun should be careful of entertainers as this young lady is not the only victim.

Read below;

Our Nigerian celebs like to take advantage of we females, let me tell you a personal experience I had with ___ ____ although I'm not sure if he's actually normal because of the amount of marijuana he consumes.

Anyway I met him and he kept calling me and promised me heaven and how I will be his wife. I agreed to see him & one thing led to another & we had sex. The condom broke in the process.

After the experience, I had a bad infection & was placed on antibiotics for a week & my doctor suggested that my partner should be treated. I called him severally after that day but he didn't pick up. I knew I had been cheated but still I wanted him to treat his infection instead of passing it around.

He has ignored me completely on the last months. I was having drinks with a couple of friends last night & co-incidentally both of them were supposed to hook up with a celeb who I consider dirty & smelling, a complete drug addict. Admittedly he's talented & makes good music.

Although they have been going with the flow but I decided to expose him through this medium because a lot of other girls might not even know he's insane. I also saw a friend’s cousin’s tweet today that read 'omg' ___ ___ DM'd me. 

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