Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Comedian Tunde Ednut Mocks Eniola Badmus, Princess, Lepacious Bose Over Obesity

All round entertainer, comedian cum singer Tunde Ednut, tried making his followers laugh by putting up an hilarious photo - mocking fat people - on Instagram.

One of his friends who he was said to have informed before posting the picture on the social network media reveals to us that Tunde purposely used the photo to spite or mock the likes of Princess, Lepacious Bose and Eniola Badmus.

His tactic to create an attention for the photo later worked out as one of the fat people he had in mind to mock, Eniola Badmus who didn’t find it funny replied immediately, “Being fat doesn’t mean you can’t make it in life, beauty is not size, you niggaz have a problem with being fat. Bring no one down, we are all human, no discrimination, we are all created by God. I rep plus size”

Tunde sensing what this could bring simply responded to Eniola’s response as thus, “Lmaao, my sister, you I love you die…”

Well, it looks Lepacious Bose and Princess are yet to make a comment….

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