Sunday, December 1, 2013

Actor, Saheed Balogun Has Threatened To Take His X-Wife To Court For Refusing To Change Her Last Name

Since popular Nollywood actor Saheed Balogun divorced his wife Nollywood actress Fathia Balogun Few years ago, Saheed Balogun reportedly said he would soon stop his ex wife, Fathia Balogun, from using his name.

Saheed was quoted to have said “She is my Ex. As for my name that she is still answering, the deed will be done soon. The Nigerian law says that after three or four years, you can do something about it. If somebody wants to keep my name, what of the new person coming in? This has nothing to do with grudges.”

If you Recall also that Fathia had also reportedly boasted in an interview last year, that nobody could stop her from using her name.

A reliable source informed Saturday Beats that the actor had taken his Ex to court insisting that she drop his name.

Fathia had said, “I laugh, my name is Fathia Balogun and it’s going to remain Balogun; nobody can ever change that and nobody can stop me from answering that name.”

When Saturday Beats contacted Saheed over the recent development, the actor chose to be evasive. “I have told you that I don’t like talking about my private life. I will talk about my new project. Go and meet those people telling you about this story,” he said.

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