Thursday, November 14, 2013

Yul Edochie Dazzles In New Movie ‘Maga’

The name, Edochie, is not new in the motion picture industry in Nigeria. In fact, just like the name ‘Hubert Ogunde’ cannot be forgotten, so is Edochie. Since starring in the late Chinua Achebe’s adaptation move, ‘Things Fall Apart’, performed many years ago, where he played the role of Okonkwo, Pete Edochie has grown to become a respected, fearful and honoured actor in Nollywood.
Pete has succeeded in dragging his sons into the film industry, one of which is Yul, who has built a name for himself and hopes to surpass his father’s achievements, which remains doubtful to some critics.
The gist reaching us is that the handsome and young Edochie has starred in a new movie titled ‘Maga’. Yul was said to have displayed why he is one of the best actors in Nollywood and also someone that can become bigger than his father in the industry.
Yul, who played Obi, according to the synopsis of ‘Maga’, was brought to Lagos by his cousin, Dan, played by Benedict Johnson and was introduced to the business of seducing and milking money out of rich and lonely women.
Unknown to him, he was not aware that he was to be used for something cold-blooded against his kind and loving ‘catch, Ivie, acted by Uju Edochie Ngene.
With his eyes set on the big prize, Dan plots deadly kidnap, blackmail, robbery and murder against Obi and Ivie not knowing he was plotting against himself.
‘Maga’ was co-produced by Uju Edochie Ngene and Chizo Ihezue, while Frank Chu' Ubaka directed the film. As we learnt, the movie is already out.

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