Saturday, November 2, 2013

That ‘Curse’ In The Amatas Home

The Amata are known to be a force in the industry as virtually all of them are involved in the business.

Fred, Ruke, Jetta Zack are the guys whose proficiency cannot be contested.

However, the three out of the four brothers also share something that is far from being adorable in common. They all have failed marriages. The story of failed marriages in Amata clan, as they are fondly called in movie industry, started when Fred and his wife, Agata who later became a star TV presenter parted ways.

Looking into their crisis, it’s so obvious that their marriages crashed on the grounds of accusations and counter accusations of infidelity.

Years after his ugly experience and return to bachelorhood, Ruke’s marriage to his wife, Gilda hit the rocks too. Like what happened to his elder brother Fred, Ruke’s marriage crashed on the grounds of infidelity as his wife allegedly had amorous escapades with a popular governor and a brand guru.

Recently, Jetta’s marriage too has crashed, though, people believed that it wasn’t based on infidelity but those who know them too well said, Jetta, who is several years older than his wife, Mbong whom he got married too very early, had not been faithful with her as he’s said of dating this and that, the recent is the star actress in the popular movie, Spartacus.

The Amatas’ ‘family crisis’ is said to be spiritually inclined than look with ordinary eye. I hope God wade into their family and heal them of all the abnormalities.

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