Thursday, November 7, 2013

Strategy Used By Fake Products Manufacturers Uncovers-NAFDAC

The Director of Special Duties ,Mr Abubakar Jimoh on Wednesday in Abuja said that NAFDAC had uncovered the new strategy of producers of fake products in Nigeria.
Mr Abubakar Jimoh, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), that the agency would intensify efforts to track down the counterfeiters and curb their illicit activities.
“The new strategy now is people are importing not even big containers, but packs that are already printed abroad and they are stuffing in anything they want to stuff in the packs.
“The containers are already manufactured abroad, empty containers and packs, done beautifully, printed well there.
“They just stuff anything they want to, that is the new dimension now.
“So you do not see people now like in the past bringing it whole, over there everything is tough there and they have to start bringing in big consignments.
“You don’t see the containers well loaded, as they now know that the prying eyes of NAFDAC and the Customs and other security agents at the port are watching and it is becoming apparently difficult because we tighten up the noose round them.
“So, now they bring in small packs, they make it flat.
“Somebody can bring millions of packs already flattened and they arrange it well and come here and come and stuff it and we are cracking down on them.’’
The director gave the assurance that the agency was doing everything possible to ensure that it safe guards the health of Nigerians.
Jimoh called on the citizens to collaborate with the agency by reporting activities of counterfeiters and their hide out.

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