Thursday, November 28, 2013

Ibinabo Fiberesima's Benz Wagon Causes Uproar...The True Story

At last, the Benz Wagon that has been causing a lot of controversies in town may come to a rest as the true position of things has been discovered.

That the slim, pretty and articulate Actors Guild of Nigeria's president, Ibinabo bought the powerful auto is a mere speculation.

We have it on good account that, one of her 'special friends' gave her the ride to shoot her latest movie, 'The Limit' with.

Though, the Benz was said to have carried a customised number for sometimes, it's reported that it was temporarily given to AGN prexy to shoot her film.

The over N17 million G- Wagon has been returned to the original owner. So, if you didn't see the first female AGN prexy with the ride again, know that, the purpose has been utilised and the original owner is in control of the wheel now.

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