Monday, November 4, 2013

Beverly Osu & Her Best Friend 'Charity' Fight Over Man

Bev and Bimp
Beverly Osu and her best friend, Charity Owoh are at logger heads over a gorgeous man, BBA The Chase contestant Bimp from Ethiopia.

According to report, Beverly became jealous when her friend Charity began going after Bimp who has been in Nigeria after the show ended some few months back. Charity was said to have even introduced him to her mother so as to let everyone know she was interested in him.

The fall out between the friends started when Charity allegedly told Angelo (Beverly's South African boo) when he was in Nigeria that Beverly still had feelings for Bimp and after Angelo left, things got messier. Beverly felt betrayed that her best friend not only ratted her out but also went after him knowing how she felt about him.

Meanwhile, Beverly has edited her twitter account where she had charity's email address as her 'for booking contact' and has removed everything about charity in her biography. The guy is not even dating anyone of them and might not even know they are fighting over him, yet they are attacking each other.
We believe that Angelo left beverly because he noticed Bev is still all over Bimp. He cant afford losing on both sides.
Charity and Bimp


  1. See matter, lagos babes

  2. Beverly want to play smart, LOL in capital letter

  3. My advice to Beverly, she shld just kip her ass sumwhere, she needs God in her life

  4. Why is my name not showing, Admin

  5. I prefer bimp to angelo

  6. Dat bestfrnd is just a bitch like her

  7. Both of them don't deserve Bimp....cuz dey r birds of a feather flocking 2geda.