Saturday, November 16, 2013

9ice Opens Up On Seriki, Kayefi, Others Leaving Alapomeji Records

 In an exclusive interview , the Pop singer says they were free to leave because he didn’t sign any contract with them.

The ‘Ike kan’ singer further explained that he created Alapomeji to serve as a platform for upcoming artistes to only exhibit their talents and move on from there. He likens it to having ID Cabasa when he was upcoming.

‘…It’s like a flag bearer where you can lift people up. I wish there was Alapomeji when I was growing up. When I was growing all I had was a brother who believed in me and he helped me’.

‘What I did then was putting them on as upcoming artistes. If you ask anyone of them, I never signed an agreement with anyone. I didn’t sign them on, all I did was give them a platform whereby they can exhibit their talent to let people know about them, their content and if they deem it fit to move on they can go and that’s what they did when they all left’, 9ice told Nigerian Entertainment Today during a visit to the newspaper.

The singer also revealed that he’s pretty cool with all of them, when we asked if they still talk.

‘Yes we do. We talk all the time we call and talk, we still meet at shows’, 9ice says.

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