Thursday, October 31, 2013

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith Headed For Divorce?

Sources close to the couple reveal that explosive fights are driving Will and Jada to divorce — and that a nasty battle over their $520 million estate is coming.

After 14 years of marriage, Will Smith, 43, and Jada Pinkett Smith, 40, seem to be heading straight for divorce, sources reveal in a new Star magazine report. Endless fights, Will’s nights out partying with the guys and sleeping in separate bedrooms have left the couple living two “separate lives.”

“They’ve been faking it for a long time and they don’t want to live a lie anymore,” a source tells Star magazine. “Living and sleeping separately — and now Will finally walking out on Jada — have pushed them to their limit. They’re done.”

The marriage is done. “Will and Jada are finished,” says another insider. “They’re still keeping up appearances because they worry divorce could hurt their careers, but there’s no turning back now. It needs to end.”

Sources expect that the couple will file for divorce quite soon — and that a nasty, drawn-out battle over their $520 million will follow.

In August, the couple fought off rumors that they had already split, and they tried to work on their issues. “They’ve been trying to work through it, but things came to a head in early November, when they got into a huge knock-down, drag-out fight,” a source shares. “They put up a good front in public, but behind doors they really fight like cats and dogs. They’ve always had issues in their relationship, and now they’re bubbling to the surface.”

Will “has taken to spending many nights” in a different bedroom from Jada, notes an insider. “He’s barely speaking to Jada as it is. But when they fight, he’ll storm out and go off to spend time with his guy friends. He and Jada are living separate lives.”

Will has also been traveling all over the world with his guy pals, almost as to forget about his problems back at home. On Nov. 26, he was spotted at Drink! Win Bar in Port of Spain. Later that night, he was out until 4 a.m. at 51 Degrees. He “wasn’t wearing a wedding ring,” says a witness.

“Will feels like he’s living a lie for everyone else, but he knows it needs to end,” explains a source. “They can’t keep pretending.”

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