Saturday, October 26, 2013

"Sexy Girls Scream When I Perform, I Love Them" - Sean Tizzle

Within a few months of the release of his single, Sho Lee croneer, Sean Tizzle (Morihanfen Oluwaseun Oluwabamidele) has been transformed from nobody into one of Nigeria’s fastest rising music acts.
In a recent interview he opens up about his successes and his private life.

    “I faced a lot of challenges trying to get a record deal. Playing free gigs was a normal thing for me. Sometimes I even paid to perform in shows but I think it comes with the terrain. Even right now, I’m still facing lots of challenges. Though, there was no time I felt like walking away from music, the experience could be frustrating. There were times I was stranded and had to beg people for money on the streets just to make it to the studio for a recording.

    “I remember the first time my record label, D Tunes called me up for a recording. I did not have a dime on me because I was stark broke. I had to beg for money on the road but nobody was willing to assist me,”

He talks about the success of his first single Sho Lee

    “Sho Lee means it is hard in Yoruba and Ko lee means it’s not hard. The message is for all the sexy girls out there who are pretending and ‘forming’ to be what they are not. A lot of girls are not true to themselves. They think they are what they are not but at the end of the day, when you probe them, you discover that they are shallow. But I still love and respect them; I love sexy girls. They scream when I perform. I remember being at Elegushi Beach at the very beginning to promote Sho Lee. After my performance, there was this lady who was all over me. She just pounced on me and gave me the kiss of my life screaming, ‘I love your music.’! That was when I knew I was finally getting there”

When asked if he has a woman in his life, he says,
“No, not for now. I’m married to my music. I am a one-man Mopol and I’m not in any relationship. My ideal woman must be beautiful, shapely, sexy and intelligent, and above all, she must have the fear of God.”

What do you think of his music? Are you a fan?

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