Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Nollywood Now Filled With Prostitutes & Professionals-- Mariam Bakare

Of recent, their are series of attack on the industry among which is indecent and provocative dress sense. One of the people who makes the industry tick, Mariam Bakare has come out to reveal that the industry is now filled with a mixture of core professional and prostitutes.

In her word, "It is not ideal to castigate anyone concerning indecent dressing because we are all brought up from a different home and background. Back in the days, any lady that wore trousers is described as prostitutes, but it is a different thing today. This is because we have been influenced by the foreign world. Today, provocative dressing is on the increase, it is beyond trousers.

You cannot comprehend what you see in the social world today. Even in our industry, it is now a mixture of prostitutes and professionals. We have gone beyond what we tapped from the foreign world. Our young generations have also joined the race of indecent dressings. A lot of actors in the industry don’t have passion for this profession; they have come into the industry with a dirty motive and to sell or showcase themselves.

We have made effort to caution them, but they would not want to adjust. Whether they like it or not, nemesis will catch up with them someday. They are poised to flaunt their selling points and to use the industry as a means to showcase their businesses. That is why they do all sort to look for fame. We are expected to be a good model to our fans and the general public."

Has she spoken well?

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