Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lanre, Mr Latin’s Former P.A Commits Suicide in America

Popular Actor, Mr Latin's P.A, Lanre who worked with him for 8 yeas started living in the US last year when he went on a visit with Mr Latin and decided to stay back at the end of his visit. After living in Minnesota, he moved to Texas where things got better for him. He acquired some exotic cars and started living a good life, but things however changed for him this year.

According to his friends, he started behaving strangely and refused to talk to anyone.Though, his strange behaviour was said to have had a political undertone, no one could rescue him out of his moody situation until he embarked on the suicidal mission as all efforts was said to have been to no avail.

Lanre ended his life, when he jumped into a river. No one knew his identity until his ID card was found.

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