Monday, September 2, 2013

'I never had s-x with Angelo'- Beverly Osu defend

Beverly, Nigeria representative in the just concluded Big Brother Africa-The Chase has confessed that she never had s-x with Angelo in the bath tub.

Here her, "I repeat that I never had s-x with Angelo. He was wearing his boxer shorts, I was naked but we didn't do anything in the bathtub. Yes, I fell in love with Angelo, I didn't plan it. I blame myself for going that far with Angelo in the bath tub...It is about making money for both of us now"

Miss Osu made this statement during her interview on 'Rubbin Minds' with Ebuka on Channels TV

Well, it's obvious that Beverly was carried away by the spirit of money; this simply means that she can do anything for money.

Meanwhile, her relationship with 2shotz is another issues the model is trying to fathom.

This is what she said, "I used to date 2Shotz and I am not surprised he denied the abuse stories" and then she said "I have been single for a year and six months".

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