Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Nike Oshinowo: If You Have Botox Injections, Your Face Can’t Move

Nike Oshinowo does not make use of Botox to have one of the most beautiful faces in Nigeria, Nike who studied politics at the University of Essex but not a politician, was crowned Miss Nigeria in 1983, separated from her husband, Dr.Tunde early this year and she’s just doing perfectly great as a single lady

She narrates her early life hood, ‘I vividly remember us playing outdoors and I remember always getting into trouble because I had brothers who were into climbing trees and my mother insisted on always having me in dresses because she wanted a girly daughter. But I would climb these trees with my brother.’

She does not make use of Botox to look great, ’Someone told me she read somewhere that I had Botox. Don’t they know that if you have Botox injections, your face can’t move? Look at me, my face moves and creases. I give the credit for my looks to God for my good genes. When God gives you something, you look after it.’

Her hobby includes’ lying in bed and watching television. I have three favorite things — sleep, TV and food. You can lure me with food. I am just okay and I work very hard to earn life’s comfort. I am neither the most beautiful woman in Lagos nor am I the first to be blessed with good looks. I don’t go looking for projects, they come looking for me. I love challenges, I love conquering.’

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