Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mode9 Cries Out On Neglect Of His ‘Type Of Rap’

 Babatunde Olusegun a.k.a mode 9 went all emotional on hotfm’s breakfast radio show with TuTu Adeoba and Cheezy Charles on his type of non-commercial rap, he re-affirms that he can never change his type of rap to suit an audience and decries neglect on his type of rap’

    ‘I put out a whole album nobody cared’
    ‘A whole 20 track album ‘alphabetical order’ nobody gave a f**k’
    ‘You see how the industry is’ how do you expect me to feel?
    ‘Nigerians don’t like hip hop they only follow the hype, they don’t even know what it is’
    I only cater for my real fans; I don’t really care about the fair weather, band wagon jumpers
    ‘I cater for my fans and they are feeling it’ i have put up too much effort in promotion of my materials’
    ‘It’s just some certain people in their minds feeling that am not doing well’

Who then are these few people Mode 9 is referring to?

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  1. He's simply massive!
    I give the thumbs up for him.
    Just because of nigerians local nature; they only dance to beats(hype) and even 80% of them couldn't recite the lyrics properly; but they dance to the beats, even when they hardly hear out some rubbish in-between.

    Hot rappers like Rick Ross; Lil Wayne and 50cent style of rap are highly appreciated world-wide, foreigners can't appreciate our music if we ourselves don't carve a niche for it.