Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ini Edo Had Not Even A Bicycle & Mercy Johnson Was A Waka Pass When I was In Nollywood - AfroCandy

Afro Candy just picked on beautiful Ini Edo and Mercy Johnson. she is willing to do anything or use anybody for her comeback! This is what she said about the actresses:

"For those of you that just started watching Nollywood movies, I have been around, even though I left Nigeria when I was about to hit the actual stardom and transformed to AfroCandy. When I was in Nollywood, Ini Edo had not even a bicycle and I drove her to location twice I worked with her, Mercy Johnson was still looking for waka pass to play. Now that I came back in full force to take back my position, most of you are mad. Why are you mad though? Don't hate the player hate the game..."

1 comment:

  1. must you tell people what you did for other that's not fair at all, beside no condition is parmenant, life its self is about change, most children now are greater than their parents and it was their parent that help them through their hard times to success,so dear rewards are always made by God Almighty. now u are back for good no one has to stop u. its good for you to come and showcase your swaga. who is stopping you not to come back and display your talent? its all about talent and styles that will attract people, i mean fans dear. peace