Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Super Bowl Officials Say ‘Beyonce is the Most Difficult Celebrity’ Ever!!!

Beyonce’s diva-like behavior is making headlines again.

This time the 31-year-old “Countdown” singer is in the news due to her ridiculous dressing room demands that’s causing “difficulties” for organisers of the upcoming Super Bowl in New Orleans.

It’s been reported that Super Bowl officials emailed Beyonce’s laundry list of demands to their friends in the media for a good laugh. The officials responded to Bey’s list with a list of their own — detailing exactly what “production costs” they plan to cover under the usual $600,000 budget cap for Super Bowl performers.

Beyonce was also informed that she will not receive special treatment apart from the usual amenities that are extended to any superstar halftime performer.

Most amusing to the Super Bowl officials were Bey’s list of requests for her pampered 13-month-old infant daughter, Blue Ivy, who isn’t even performing in the Super Bowl halftime spectacle.

 The Daily Star reports that Beyonce asked for Blue Ivy’s $22,000 USD cedar crib to be shipped from their home in New York to the New Orlean’s Superdome in time for Sunday’s game.

Bey reportedly demanded her dressing room be stocked with $6,000 worth of imported cigars and alcohol for Jay-Z, and she requested that Blue Ivy’s nursery be decorated with rose-scented candles and the room temperature be kept at exactly 78.5 degrees.

The officials made it clear to Beyonce that there will be no $1 million nursery installed at the Superdome unless Beyonce and her husband Jay Z were paying the exorbitant costs out of their own pockets.

“She’s by far one of the most difficult celebrities we’ve ever dealt with,” a source told the newspaper. “The list is as long as my arm. She may be a superstar, but this day is about football not her.”

Sources say Beyonce plans to turn to her sponsor, Pepsi, for help covering her out-of-pocket costs.

After her demands were turned down, a dejected Beyonce Instagram’d a picture that symbolizes her feelings of rejection and hurt.

A source, who is embedded deep within Beyonce’s camp, said Bey is telling friends that she feels like a regular spectator rather than the singular most important person inside the stadium.

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